Spanish Clubs watches ballet performances


The Wills Point High School Spanish Club went to the Mesquite Arts Center to watch two dance programs performed by the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet Feb. 20. The ballet travels all over the country to bring educational performances to schools. WPHS students were joined by a number of other area school districts.

Overall the programs had an amazing mixture of music, sound and multimedia presentations all going at the same time. At the end of each program, selected students were called to the stage to dance with the members of the Hispanic Ballet.

The first program focused on traditional and modern dances from Mexico and Latin America. Some of the featured dances were La Plena, Salsa Calena, Marinera Norteña, the Batchata, Meringue, Tango, Charcarera, Mambo and Conga. There was also a Batukada percussion and dance segment that comes from Brazil.

The second program focused on dance from Spains. Some of the featured dances were La Jota, La Tuna and a variety of Flamenco styles. There was some discussion and presentation of traditional dress for Spanish troubadours and the instruments that they play - the mandolin and classic guitar.

Tes Moore, Spanish Club advisor stated, “The costumes, instrumentation and dancing were outstanding. And, of course, the dancing was top notch! This was a wonderful opportunity for our students. They really were fortunate to get that unique, real exposure to the Hispanic culture