First graders learn fire safety

Wills Point Alumni and Tyler Fire Department Captain Reese Hunt visited the Wills Point Primary School campus and talked to students in Cassie McDaniel’s first grade class about fire safety.

Captain Hunt discussed how important escape plans, smoke detectors, and safe spots were to the students so that they would know what they would hear and where to go if there was a fire. He went over procedures of what to do if you were ever caught in a fire, such as, staying low away from the smoke, and stop, drop, and roll if your clothes ever caught on fire.

Captain Hunt brought his fire gear and went over the importance of every piece. Hunt put on his gear so that the kids could see and touch what a firefighter looks like when they are in their fire suit. He wanted the kids to know that firefighters are not scary and that they are there to help them.

Primary students talked about fire safety in class throughout the campus all week. Students created safety, escape maps and even toured the fire truck from the local Wills Point Volunteer Fire Department.

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