Commissioners alter meeting dates Payroll schedule forces change

Following a request from the Van Zandt County treasurer’s office, the VZC Commissioners Court agreed to change the dates of their regular meetings.

Previously, the commissioners court had been meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. The commissioners court will now meet every other Wednesday. The starting time will remain at 9 a.m. The new regular meeting schedule began Wednesday, Oct. 4.

Each year, the commissioners court is required to set the date and time of each regular meeting for the new fiscal year prior to the Oct. 1 start date of the new fiscal year. 

“We are now required for you, the commissioners, to approve the payroll prior to me issuing any payroll checks or sending the direct deposit to the bank to be dispersed,” said VZC Treasurer Teri Pruitt. “In order to do this, we are either going to have to change our payroll timing or change the meeting schedule of the commissioners’ court. If you meet on Wednesday mornings instead of Tuesday mornings, you will have 26 regular meetings instead of 24.”

“Payroll cannot be paid until it is presented to the commissioners’ court,” remarked VZC Judge Don Kirkpatrick.

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