Tennis team dominates busy week

The Wills Point Tiger tennis team made it look easy over the course of the past week, going a staggering 67-2 combined in matches played against Greenville Sept. 21, and Melissa and Krum Sept. 23.

Wills Point set the tone for the week against Greenville, going a perfect 24-0 against the Lions. The Tiger tennis team returned to action in Rockwall Saturday, dominating Melissa 22-2 and Krum 21-0 to cap a stellar week.

Individual results for play against Melissa included:

-Chase Daniell def. Justin Mercer, 8-1

-Kash Adams def. Josh Lewis, 8-2

-Jack Johns def. Jake Fowler, 8-1

-Jacob Sanford lost to Dawson Mercer, 4-8

-Justin McGough def. Zach Butterfield, 8-6

-Austin Etheridge def. Tristan Clark, 7-6

-Jeremiah Brown lost to Bryan Williams, 5-7

-Daniell/Schreffler def. Mercer/Lewis, 6-3, 6-3

-Johns/Adams def. Ships/Fowler, 6-0, 6-0

-Etheridge/Sanford def. Butterfield/Williams, 6-3, 6-4

-Maddie Booth def. Lilu Hubbard, 8-1

-Claire Hiler def. Megan Carr, 8-1

-Hope Turner def. Sarah Patterson, 8-0

-Hannah Gern def. Sierra Thomas, 8-1

-Maddie Hiler def. Julianna Garlin, 8-2

-Katelyn Bryant def. Chloe Wirey, 8-0

-Marisa LaJone def. McKenzie Wilkie, 6-1

-Grace Roberts def. Skylar McCaskill, 6-0

-Booth/Turner def. Keeton/Thomas, 6-2, 6-2

-C. Hiler/Gern def. Hubbard/Carr, 6-0, 6-1

-LaJone/M. Hiler def. Wirey/Wilkie, 6-1, 6-0

-McGough/Roberts def. Mercer/Garland, 7-5, 6-0

-Brown/Bryant def. Clark/McCaskill, 6-1, 6-0

Individual results for play against Krum included:

-Chase Daniell def. Spencer Counts, 8-2

-Kash Adams def. Michael Ehler, 8-3

-Jack Johns def. Aaron Quy, 8-1

-Josh Schreffler def. Baker Brooks, 8-2

-Jacob Sanford def. Cole Myers, 8-1

-Justin McGough def. Dominque Dominiquez, 8-0

-Austin Etheridge def. Michael Mallory, 8-6

-Daniell/Schreffler def. Ehler/Quy, 8-2

-Johns/Adams def. Brooks/Myers, 8-3

-Etheridge/Phillips def. Mallory/Dominguez, 8-2

-Maddie Booth def. Caitlin Hurburt, 8-0

-Claire Hiler def. Cindy Perdue, 8-0

-Hope Turner def. Lily Glassschroder, 8-2

-Hannah Gern def. Gracie Hampton, 8-0

-Maddie Hiler def. Cacie Whitney, 8-0

-Katelyn Bryant def. Rachel Felty, 8-1

-Marisa LaJone def. Marilyn Morley, 8-2

-Booth/Turner def. Perdue/Hurburt, 8-2

-C. Hiler/Gern def. Glasschroder, 8-0

-M. Hiler/LaJone def. Whitney/Morley, 8-1

-McGough/Roberts def. Counts/Felty, 8-4

The Tiger tennis team is scheduled to travel to Van Oct. 5 for a district showdown with the Vandals.

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