JH recognizes students, staff members

The Wills Point Junior High recently launched a new tradition, honoring student-athletes that have been leaders in the classroom and on the field, as well as the teachers that have inspired them to excel.

Casey Cochran, WPJH principal, explained, “We started a new tradition where the boys football coaches choose four football players for the week that have been leaders in the classroom and on the field. Those boys get to give their jerseys away to a teacher to wear throughout the day on game day. This is a way the teachers are recognized for how hard they are working in the classroom. The boys then recognize these teachers at the pep rally.

“They discuss why they chose the teacher and give an example of why they have made a difference for them this school year. I think this a great way to recognize our staff and hold our student athletes to high expectations.”

Students-athletes selected by the WPJH coaching staff ahead of the first pep rally included Joseph Willis, Holden Fletcher, Blake Marical and Tyus Burnett. Teachers recognized at the first pep rally included Susan Bigham, Cindi Gibson, Stacy Porter and Typhanie Hill.

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