The Truth About Hate

The recent news coverage of the unfortunate racial unrest in Charlottesville, Virgina has been as plenteous as it has been sad. The news footage serves as a disturbing, even painful reminder of the hate some people harbor in their hearts. Hate and violence does not net positive or useful outcomes, yet, it remains a driving force among those who will not challenge their faulty beliefs. Despite how ugly this behavior has been, it's good to remember that hate is a learned behavior. At the same time, love and acceptance are learned behaviors. Schools are increasingly diverse racially, culturally and spiritually. Students, parents, faculty and community members with all kinds of beliefs will come and go every day. As educators, we have the ability to influence, even change faulty thinking some people may hold.

Before we can influence change, we have to evaluate our own thoughts and feelings about other races, cultures, religions and such. We all want to believe we live free of bias or bigotry, but I believe all human beings have some, even if it is just a tiny bit, unconsciously tucked away deep in our hearts.

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