Back to the Routine

It’s that time already. Summer breaks seem to be shorter than ever although the number of days off has not changed. It’s back to school season which can be good or bad depending on your perspective. The time has come to prepare for the inevitable return to school. If we start right now, we can have our students back on school schedules and ready for the first day of school. The following suggestions can be helpful as Summer Breaks wind down.


One of the best parts of summer break for kids and adults is sleeping in and staying up late. Pulling an all-nighter gaming or watching movies is awesome during the break, but not for the school day. Now is the time to get kids back on their school sleep schedules. According to data provided by the Mayo Clinic, school-age children require 8-10 hours of sleep for optimal functioning. Getting kids on a sleep routine that allows them to slumber soundly for at least 8 hours nightly will likely result in improved focus, better behavior and increased productivity in the classroom. That’s three great benefits from a strategy that is free and immediately available to everyone.

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