This Week in Wills Point History

Friday, Dec. 9, 1960

Continual week-long bad weather has made it necessary to postpone the annual Christmas parade which was scheduled for this afternoon. Next Friday, Dec. 16, at 2:30 o’clock has been set as the new date for the gala parade to welcome Santa Claus to town, according to K.C. Lybrand, Jr., chamber of commerce manager.

A 20 foot Christmas tree was erected over the week-end in downtown Wills Point. The tree, standing at the intersection of James and North Fourth Streets was to be decorated with colored lights early in the week but bad weather has made it necessary for a delay in plans. As soon as weather permits the lights will be added. Also, the Rose Memorial at the corner of Commerce and North Fourth Street will be decorated this year with colored lights.

Merchants of Wills Point will participate in a Christmas window decoration contest this year as they have for several years in the past. Sponsored again this year by the Chamber of Commerce. Winners will be awarded cash prizes. First place winner will receive $25, second and third places, respectively will receive $15 and $10.

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