Wills Point opts into animal control agreement

Dear Citizens of Wills Point


The Canton Animal Shelter is the only animal shelter in the county and it is overwhelmed with animals, particularly dogs!   All other municipal shelters and short-term holding facilities in the county have closed due to the cost of state mandated regulations and liability.  Our shelter costs for next year are approaching $210,000.  This amount comes to about $50 for every man, woman and child living in the City of Canton.   The sad thing for our citizens who pay for running the shelter through their taxes is that about 80 percent of these animals come from outside the Canton city limits. 

Unfortunately, the Canton Animal Shelter is not a “no-kill” shelter.  Recently, almost 100 animals were put down in a month, and no one disagrees that this is way too many!  Statistically, that’s 20 from the city and 80 from outside the city limits.   The shelter employees do a great job getting animals out to rescue societies and to new homes through the social media and adoption clinics, but there are simply more animals than homes. Canton  city council just recently amended the number of pets allowed from 2 to 4 in hopes that some of these doomed  animals can be adopted out to more homes within the city.

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