Fall into books at the VZC Library

Susan Evans

Babies...nothing cuter! Whether you're looking at puppies, kittens, people or a baby giraffe that's taller than you, no one can resist those big innocent eyes and surely cuddling is in order. Carl Sandburg said, “A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.” This week's Preschool Storytime will feature “babies.”

The week's volunteer profile features Susan Evans. She followed her interest in reading into the library and has worked there for two years. She has a background working with computers, with an associates degree in computer aided design.

Working about four hours every week, Susan's jobs include shelving books and generally helping out where needed. Her least favorite part is dealing with the Dewey Decimal System as she shelves books. Thank you, Susan for all you do to help the staff and patrons of the library.

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