Footnotes from the VZC Library

Beth Muse

As a retired kindergarten teacher, I loved to gather the children around me and read to them. The interest and excitement that they displayed was such fun to see; and I admit, I felt like a kid again as I watched! If you haven't had the pleasure of being in a group of children as they listen to a story being read, put that on your bucket list.

Speaking of reading to children, at 10 a.m. this Friday, Sept. 23 during Preschool Storytime, Miss Rhonda will be reading stories about trucks and tractors. Most children love the noise and power of these vehicles; and I'm sure they will have lots of response as these books are read.

This week's volunteer profile is about Beth Muse who has volunteered for two years. The home-school mom, whose daughter Abigail is also a volunteer, began volunteering because of a love for the library and all it offers the community.

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