This Week In Wills Point History

Friday, September 23, 1960


   “Van, 15AA pre-season favorites, will invade Wills Point to clash with the Tiger squad tonight, in the local stadium. Both teams have a one win, two-loss record. Game time will be 8 o’clock. The Vandals are expected to put up a good fight, judging from the reports of the scouts. Coach Edsel Nix of Wills Point, said in order to beat the Vandal’s we’ll have to be up and at ‘em.”

  “Members of the Wills Point high school band elected officers Tuesday, Sept. 20. Serving the band, as president and vice president will be Sue Curtis and Carman Girdley. Other officers are Teena Wilson, secretary; Carolyn Robbins, treasurer, Sandra Sledge, reporter; and Carolyn Lang will represent the band in the Student Council.”


Footnotes from the VZC Library

Beth Muse

As a retired kindergarten teacher, I loved to gather the children around me and read to them. The interest and excitement that they displayed was such fun to see; and I admit, I felt like a kid again as I watched! If you haven't had the pleasure of being in a group of children as they listen to a story being read, put that on your bucket list.

Speaking of reading to children, at 10 a.m. this Friday, Sept. 23 during Preschool Storytime, Miss Rhonda will be reading stories about trucks and tractors. Most children love the noise and power of these vehicles; and I'm sure they will have lots of response as these books are read.

This week's volunteer profile is about Beth Muse who has volunteered for two years. The home-school mom, whose daughter Abigail is also a volunteer, began volunteering because of a love for the library and all it offers the community.


Bedtime’s an open book

Brandie Flanagan, volunteering at the Van Zandt County Library

Bedtime—As a child, bedtime is a thing to dread, even fight against. As a parent, it's something to look forward to; but it's usually elusive, since there are so many things to finish before bedtime. As an older person, it finds me, as I fall asleep in the chair trying to read.

During this week's Preschool Storytime, Miss Rhonda will tackle the subject of “Bedtime.”

Come to the library at 10 a.m. on Friday, Sep. 16, and learn about bedtime as its presented in some of the library books.

While you're there, look for volunteer Brandie Flanagan. She has been volunteering for two years, as she wanted something to fill her time when her daughter started school; and her love of reading led her to the library. She hasn't always been a library volunteer or a mom. Brandie worked for 10 years as a paralegal after studying legal administration. 


This Week in Wills Point History

Friday, Sept. 16, 1960:

                 Van Zandt County’s one million dollar road improvement bond election carried Saturday with an overwhelming majority. County Judge G.D. Staton reported today that 1178 voters favored the issue while only 249 voters cast ballots opposing the issue. Mr. Staton reported also that the bonds had been sold and after a 30 day waiting period required by the attorney general, work will get underway on the county roads.


This Week in Wills Point history...

Friday, Sept. 9, 1960

Weather Report: Following is the weather report for the week ending Sept. 8, as furnished by Jack Gibbard, co-operative observer of the National Bureau, Department of Agriculture: Temperature ranged from 100-101 for a high and 69-70 for a low from Sept. 2 to Sept. 8, partly cloudy, no precipitation.

Saturday Sept.10 will find qualified voters of Van Zandt County who own taxable property at the polls registering their desires on a proposed one million dollar bond election. The bond election is for the purpose of constructing new roads and improving existing roads in all areas of the county.


Storytime started Friday, Friends meeting, Dog Days this week

John Motley

Labor Day has passed and activities are gearing up after the “lazy days of summer.”

The first Preschool Storytime of fall was Friday, Sept. 9.  This week Miss Rhonda will point out all the fun that takes place at the library.

Then at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 14, Dog Days at the Library will continue. This program is for kindergarten through fifth grade students, or is it for the dogs?

Who knows! Everyone has fun! Come read to these easy-going and lovable dogs.

Our volunteer profile this week is about a 17-year-old young man, John Motley.

This Canton High School junior said he was looking to volunteer to pass the time, but also wanted to find a way to improve our society. When he found out the Van Zandt County Library was looking for volunteers, he stepped up.

He began volunteering in August and has worked two days a week, totaling four hours a week. 


This Week in Wills Point History Friday, August 26, 1960

School bells will ring out once more again next week as students end their summer vacation and begin regular classes promptly at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning. Students will register on Wednesday Aug. 31, during the scheduled hours that have been worked out by the faculty, R.M. Hooks, superintendent stated this week.

Twenty-one gridders continue to drill this week four hours a day in their pre-season training. Errol (Butch) Marlow, tackle and Dale Smith, center, who head coach Edsel Nix believes will be a big asset to the squad, reported for their first practice session Tuesday morning.


This Week in Wills Point History Friday, Aug. 19, 1960

Twenty-one boys including 12 lettermen reported to their new coach this week for football practice of the A squad. Edsel Nix, head coach, stated this week that the boys are looking good on the field and are shaping up nicely, and they are catching on quickly to the new offensive and defensive plays.


This Week in Wills Point History Friday, Aug.12, 1960

Horace Ray Dawson, a teacher at Sheffield School in Iran, works in a nuclear physics laboratory as one of eight teachers in a National Science Foundation research participation program at North Texas State College this summer. He is working with Dr. Pat Windham, who directs research in which neutrons are studied in collision with an atomic nucleus, producing gamma-rays similar to X-rays. Dawson is a 1953 graduate of Wills Point high school and North Texas State College. (See newspaper for picture.)


This Week in Wills Point History Friday, Aug. 5, 1960

Two more big nights of the rodeo are left here in Wills Point at the all new arena. The Wills Point Riding and Roping Club is expecting another big crowd tonight and Saturday night. Each night a number of attractions are being featured on the thrill-packed program including, a group of Camp Fire Girls of Dallas, presenting a colorful Indian dance routine in authentic feathered costumes. H. H. (Son) Lide stock contractor, is furnishing some of Texas’ best rodeo stock for the show.


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