VZC Library closed through Jan. 3

The holidays are being celebrated at the Van Zandt County Library. The Friends of the Library held the annual Volunteer Brunch Dec. 12. Staff and volunteers enjoyed a delicious meal together. Family members of Al Coleman also attended. Mr. Coleman's name has recently been added to the Memorial Plaque which honors citizens who contributed to the building and growth of the library.

FOL has received a memorial donation for Toni Barrentine by Bob and Sandra Giles; a memorial donation for John Guthrie by Alice Bomar and Bobby Peynter; a donation honoring Betty Hooks by Beverly Chadwick; and a donation given by the Texas Star Quilters Guild.


The perks of growing older

Who says getting older doesn’t have its privileges? Regardless of where you live, seniors qualify for a wide range of discounts and related benefits.

These perks are offered by retailers, restaurants, transportation providers and senior organizations. They range from free coffee to discounts of all kinds. Some discounts are well-known. Others may be available, but are only extended upon request. Regardless, all have the potential to help make your Golden Years a bit more affordable!

There are a number of dedicated websites (;,;) that track businesses offering senior discounts. All feature information on age requirements and other limitations that might apply.


Be on the lookout for porch pirates

They may not walk around with a parrot on their shoulder, say “aargh!” or sail a ship, but they do walk around snatching packages off doorsteps. Porch Pirates are increasingly becoming a problem, and there will likely be a rise in incidents this holiday season. Some reports claim thieves are to following the delivery trucks, helping themselves to packages once they have been delivered.

Packages left outside of homes are stolen every year, especially during the holidays.

“While it's frustrating and outrageous that thieves would stroll up to your home and take your deliveries”, said Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of BBB Serving Central East Texas. “There are steps you can take to prevent the bad guys from getting away with the goods.”

BBB offers the following tips to keep pesky porch pirates away from your packages:


This week in Wills Point History Friday, Dec. 2, 1949

   “The annual White Gift Service, a tradition of the Wills Point schools for many years is to be held Wednesday, Dec. 21, in two performances during the day. The first program will begin at 10 a.m. for the elementary school students and the afternoon performance for the high school students is to begin at 2 p.m. School will be dismissed at the conclusion of the class parties following the afternoon service.”

   “Six new directors of the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce were elected this week by popular ballot by all members of the chamber of commerce, K.C. Lybrand, manager, has announced. Elected to serve for a two-year term were A.C. Mayberry, Billy Joe Mullin, F.G. Hards, Jr., Dewitt Bateman, Thomas Campbell and Jack Lester. Those who have another year to serve on the board before their terms expire include Dr. J.W. Bettis, John C. Lybrand, Jack James, Ted Deen, Jimmy Burden and Hubert Kinney.”


This Week in Wills Point History

Friday, Dec. 9, 1960

Continual week-long bad weather has made it necessary to postpone the annual Christmas parade which was scheduled for this afternoon. Next Friday, Dec. 16, at 2:30 o’clock has been set as the new date for the gala parade to welcome Santa Claus to town, according to K.C. Lybrand, Jr., chamber of commerce manager.

A 20 foot Christmas tree was erected over the week-end in downtown Wills Point. The tree, standing at the intersection of James and North Fourth Streets was to be decorated with colored lights early in the week but bad weather has made it necessary for a delay in plans. As soon as weather permits the lights will be added. Also, the Rose Memorial at the corner of Commerce and North Fourth Street will be decorated this year with colored lights.


Wills Point opts into animal control agreement

Dear Citizens of Wills Point


The Canton Animal Shelter is the only animal shelter in the county and it is overwhelmed with animals, particularly dogs!   All other municipal shelters and short-term holding facilities in the county have closed due to the cost of state mandated regulations and liability.  Our shelter costs for next year are approaching $210,000.  This amount comes to about $50 for every man, woman and child living in the City of Canton.   The sad thing for our citizens who pay for running the shelter through their taxes is that about 80 percent of these animals come from outside the Canton city limits. 


Resources for Veterans available

    Almost 3 million Americans have served in Afghanistan or Iraq. Half have been deployed more than once.  Almost a million of those who served, live with a disability.  When they served as young men and women they gave everything they had to give and excelled at their job.  When they have returned home, America has not taken care of them as they should. Besides those who gave their life, some will love with disabilities the rest of their life. 

Approximately  300,000 homeless veterans will sleep tonight on the streets somewhere in America. In addition, almost one and a half million are at risk for being homeless; that number will rise.  Too many veterans lose their family; the rate of divorce among veterans is 47 percent higher than other marriages.  22 veterans commit suicide every day; one every 2 hours.  At least half a million veterans have PTSD.


Dates, times change for library during holiday season

Now that Thanksgiving has been celebrated, leftovers dispatched and lots of shopping has been accomplished, we are now on the express train leading to Christmas holidays.

Storytime resumes at 10 a.m., Dec. 2, where children will be reading about the North Pole; and we all know who lives there!

Miss Rhonda has some good books picked out and fun craft projects prepared. Also, coming up on Wednesday, Dec. 14 is Dog Days at the Library. Come at 4 p.m. and read to a sweet, patient audience.

The Friends of the Library continue to accept donations for the Christmas Bow Project. These donations buy new books for the Children's Section of the library.


This Week in Wills Point History

Friday, December 2, 1960:

   “Santa Claus will be welcomed in style on his first visit next Friday afternoon, Dec. 9, with a giant gala Christmas parade. He will be riding on his bright red sleigh and handing candy out to the children.”

   “The Tiger cagers took their opening game of the basketball season Tuesday night from Mabank, 41-38. Richard Shinn and George Conn tied for high point honors with 10 points each. In the B game, the local lads also took a victory, 37-21. Johnny Paul Hargrove was high point man in the game with 14 points. Head Coach Jerry Faucett commended the boys in their games against Mabank and commented on their improvement since practice began last week.”

   “Don Davis was among 10 outstanding students at Henderson County Junior College who were named to Who’s Who Monday. Students were chosen from a field of 52 nominees by a student-faculty committee.”


This Week in Wills Point History

Friday, November 25, 1960

   “When basketball workouts began Monday afternoon, 25 junior high boys reported. The eighth grade boys reporting were: Jack Lybrand, Mike Callahan, Gerald Hayden, Jimmy Lindsey, Vaughn Martin, Brad Ferrell, Bobby Roberts, Larry Webb, James Boxley and Jerry Truett. Seventh graders were: Ronnie Travis, Billy Morgan, Richard Davis, Roy Deen, Steve Steadham, David Laney, Tim Sockwell, David Teel, Gregg McKnight, Bruce Miracle, Chuck Allen, Randy Kerr, Wayne Langford, Jimmy Hay and Charles Cannefax.”


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