This week in Wills Point History Friday, July 15, 1949

Trinity Drilling Co. of Dallas is to start within a few days on a Woodbine or deeper exploration just south of here on acreage obtained from Humble Oil and Refining Co. Location is to be on the Woolverton heir’s farm near the north corner of the W.D. Roberts survey. Although agreement calls only for a Woodbine and test, the Paluxy may be explored if structural conditions are favorable. Humble holds a block of about 2,000 acres east, southeast and south of here. The acreage was leased by A.L. Tisdale. Leasing of lots in Wills Point has been heavy for several days since the strike at Cedarvale in Kaufman County recently.


This week in Wills Point history: Friday, July 8, 1949

The colorful, 30 piece Shrine Band from Hella Temple, Dallas, will honor Wills Point Shriners with a 15 minute concert, beginning at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, July 14, at the Wills Point train station. The band will be accompanied by the 25-member, Shrine Drum and Bugle Corps, the smart Shrine Drill Team of 28 members and the Shrine Patrol with its 36 members. The units are traveling on the special Shriner train, carrying about 200 Shriners from Dallas to the organization’s Imperial Council in Chicago. (See newspaper for complete article.)

Rotarians heard an explanation of the newly passed Gilmer-Akin school law which completely changes the school set-up over the state. The discussion was given by George D. Station, program chairman and local superintendent of schools.


In Case of Tornado, Go to the Bathroom

When the tornado hit Van on Sunday, May 10, one family I know crowded eight people into the bathroom of their home until the tornado passed over their home. Why the bathroom?

The way their home was designed, the bathroom is in the middle of their home. It’s on the first floor, which is the only floor they have, since like most homes in East Texas there is no second floor. Because their home is pier-and-beam construction, there is no basement. Even if their home had been built on a concrete slab, there would have been no basement.

Because their bathroom is in the middle of their home, the rest of the home outside the bathroom would need to be destroyed before the destruction reached the bathroom. If your bathroom is on the outer wall of your home, you may want to choose a different small room near the center of the house. It could be a closet, for example.


Signs to be put up to ward off crime

By Britne Reeves


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