Toad In The Hole


Sometimes I think about the first person who was brave enough to eat a certain item.  For example, who figured out oysters were a dining option?  Yikes.  Or a chicken leg?  Or an egg? 


We take eggs for granted now, and add them to everything, eat them boiled, fried, poached, deviled, etc.  When I was very young my mother introduced me to "Toad in the Hole".  How this name came about I have no idea, but it was fun to say, and even better to eat.  You must set aside your fears about bacon grease for this one.  Nothing else will taste as good.  And this is ridiculously simple.  Your kids will love it.  Serve with bacon and half a grapefruit with Sweet n Low (we must conserve where we can)  - you will then know how it felt to be me at age 4.


Toad In The Hole


4 eggs

4 slices bread

Salt and pepper to taste


Pinch a circle from the middle of the slice of bread, about 2" in diameter.  Set the circle aside.  Put the bread into the frying pan, which has several tablespoons of hot bacon grease in it, and crack an egg into the hole.  Let it cook for 2-3 minutes and flip the whole thing over for about 30 seconds so it will set up.  You want the yolk to be runny.  Fry the bread circle on both sides until it's crispy.  This little bread circle will be great for dipping into the Toad In The Hole.  Yummy.  I may have to cook this tomorrow.