​​​​​​​WPHS Class of ’58 celebrates its 60th Year

Attendees of 60th Reunion for WPHS Class of 1958: From top row left: Bill Rusk, Tommy Beck, Jerry Dawson, Jerry Moon, Coy Wilson, Pat (Ashworth) Small, Linda (Jordon) Whiteside, Gloria (Hoskins) Scott, Mary (Mislivets) Harris, Barbara Sue (Mayfield) Harrelson, Carolyn (Rankin) Compton, Myrna (Gilbert) Rogers, Jeanette (Bronson) Rose; From bottom row left: Lyndell Kent, Bill Ashworth, Pat (Clemmons) Tolley, Patsy (Shinn) Plumlee, Betty Sue (Scott) Cartwright, Raymond Hargrove, Sandra (McLeod) Moon, Rosa (Curtis) Davis, Ray Page

The heavens bore ominous dark clouds as unrelenting rain fell from the sky, yet the Wills Point High School Class of 1958 felt an increased feeling of warmness and fellowship as it gathered together Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Wills Point Community Center to celebrate its 60th year since graduation.

The class’s 22 attending members, their nine spouses, and four special guests were personally served great barbeque by Susie Deen Hagler with Hickory Roots BBQ.

Members of the Class of ’58 attending were:  Betty Sue (Scott) Cartwright, Bill Ashworth, Bill Rusk, Carolyn (Rankin) Compton, Coy Wilson, Gloria (Hoskins) Scott, Jeanette (Bronson) Rose, Jerry Dawson, Jerry Moon, Linda (Jordon) Whiteside, Lyndell Kent, Mary (Mislivets) Harris, Myrna (Gilbert) Rogers, Pat (Ashworth) Small, Pat (Clemmons) Tolley, Patsy (Shinn) Plumlee, Ray Page, Raymond Hargrove, Rosa (Curtis) Davis, Sandra (McLeod) Moon, Barbara Sue (Mayfield) Harrelson, and Tommy Beck.

Special guests attending included Lyndell Kent’s daughter, Kellie McLean, his granddaughter, Addison Binder, and Ruth (Jackson) Jordan and Merle (Edwards) Williams (both of the Class of ’59).

“Everyone enjoyed reliving special times with each other as they poured over old pictures, memorabilia, old posters, and football programs. Class secretary-treasurer, Barbara Sue (Mayfield) Harrelson, gave an update on class finances, and a “hat” was passed as members made generous donations to the class’ funds.

“Mary (Mislivets) Harris read a list of the class’ 20 graduates who have passed, pausing to allow class members to share fond memories of them. She reported a total of 28 who were members of the class at one time or another have now passed. The class has now lost almost 40 percent of its 53 graduates, leaving 33,” said a class spokesperson.

Of those who were class members of the Class of ‘58 at any time, the following have now passed:  Robert McManus, Paula Teel, Janice Jackson, Wylie McDaniel, Don Lide, Don Razz, John Neill, Charles Culver, Donnis Keith Willis, Avon (Cawthon) Welch, Karron Delois (Hollister) Ellis, Donald Edwards, Susan (Adams) Berg, Linda (Davis) Logan, Gloria Jean (Leister) Brown, Charles Ray Jurden, Jesse Thompson, Gerald Wilcoxson, Lorita Nell “Rita” (Rohus) Stephens, Beverly (Goodwin) Lide, James Adams, Kenneth Foster, Lynda (Teel) Frazier, Linda (Green) Moon, Jerry Lynn (Jones) Smith, Jimmy Buckley, Donald Smith, and Barbara (Flatt) Luckett.  They will always be remembered.

Raymond Hargrove read a letter from a former high school student in California about former classmate, Susan (Adams) Berg who started in the first grade with the class of ’58 but moved away before high school.

The letter spoke lovingly of Susan, telling of her profound impact on untold numbers of students in various Bay Area high schools and alternative high schools. The letter writer, obviously impacted by Susan, said, “She gave students who were at the end of their rope a reason to hold on.” He continued, “She truly touched the lives of nearly every student that entered through her office doors.”

He went on to tell about Susan’s giving each of her many students a “Livestrong” bracelet and encouraging them to “live strong everyday no matter what struggles you may face.”

“Although gravely ill with cancer that finally took her life, he said Susan showed up in June of 2006 to watch him and her other students receive their diplomas.

The class of ‘58 was visibly moved to learn for the first time of Susan’s successful career, her influence on youth since leaving Wills Point, and her fight with cancer,” said a class spokesperson.

The class spokesperson added, “Pat (Clemmons) Tolley next hosted a very interesting and fun session where each class member told of “the best thing I’ve ever done,” and “the most fun I’ve ever had.” All agreed that whatever was said in the room “stayed in the room.”

Before adjourning, the class agreed to celebrate its next reunion at the Community Center again next year on Oct. 12, 2019.