Rose Monument renovation project underway

The Rose Fountain, more commonly referred to as the Rose Monument by locals, has long been an icon of the Wills Point landscape, standing guard in the downtown area since it was gifted to the city by former resident Isaac Edward “Ike” Rose in 1916.

According to the inscription on the monument’s historical marker, “German brothers B.W. and Isaac Edward ‘Ike’ Rose came to nearby Cedar Grove in 1873 and the same year moved to Wills Point where thy opened Rose Dry Goods Store. In 1884, Ike moved to Dallas and was a successful entrepreneur. B.W. remained in Wills Point. In 1916, Ike and Mayor Henry Gilchrist discussed a gift to the city. Ike chose a fountain, not as a memorial, but as a gift of appreciation to a city he loved. The concrete fountain has a circular base with steps, water troughs, vases, and a central column with globe lights and finial. The iconic fountain serves as a gathering spot, a focus for celebrations, and a welcome to the city’s historic commercial district.”

Several renovation projects to preserve and extend the life of the monument have been undertaken in the ensuing years, working to keep the local landmark standing for future generations.

Thanks to the efforts Keep Wills Point Beautiful, another renovation project was undertaken Oct. 18 in an effort to fix pieces of the original concrete, remove old paint and give the monument a new coat of paint.

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