Warning issued regarding solicitors within city limits

The Wills Point city office issued a warning to residents this week, urging locals to be on the lookout for unlicensed solicitors in their respective neighborhoods. The warning comes on the heels of an increase in door-to-door salesman frequenting the area in recent weeks.

The city has dealt with an influx of unlicensed solicitors several times in years past, prompting similar warnings to be issued. In January 2016, the Wills Point Police Department arrested two suspects that were selling goods and services door-to-door without proper licensing that were found to have criminal records.

Additionally, the department has already issued multiple citations as a direct result of solicitors failing to obtain proper licensing through the city office.

In a press release issued last year, the police department explained: “These salespersons typically try to sell or get you to switch electric services, satellite TV providers, magazine subscriptions etc. The city of Wills Point requires these salespersons to get a permit to be allowed to go door-to-door within the city limits. However, the police department is finding that few ever apply for and get the required permit.”

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