Kirkpatrick, commissioners to appear at Tea Party meeting

The recent approval of a tax rate increase and the new budget by the Van Zandt County Commissioners Court will be a major topic of discussion at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 9 during a meeting of the VZC Tea Party.

Dr. Dwayne Collins of the VZC Tea Party said that the public is invited to attend the meeting to be held at Edom City Limits, on FM 279 between Edom and Ben Wheeler.

VZC Judge Don Kirkpatrick and all four VZC Commissioners (Brandon Brown, Pct. 1; Virgil Melton Jr., Pct. 2; Keith Pearson, Pct. 3; and Tim West, Pct. 4) are scheduled to be in attendance.

VZC Auditor Freddy Thomas and a representative from the VZC Sheriff’s Department are also planning to appear, according to Collins.

The meeting will open with an update on the Convention of States from speaker Greg Holton prior to the presentation from the county officials.

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