City approves sewer repairs along Wynne Road

The Wills Point City Council doubled up on meetings Tuesday night, holding its regular monthly session with a called emergency meeting to address a collapsed sewer line immediately following suit.

Regular monthly business began with the council hearing from two speakers during the public comment portion of the agenda: Kay Crosby and O.B. Thompson.

Citing a lack of local activities, especially for children of the community, Crosby used her time to request that city leaders look into obtaining a splash pad.

“We (the Wills Point community) built a swimming pool by donations from the people of this town. It was built probably in the 1960s and the city did not build it, the people gave the money. I know also that all those concrete streets out at White Rose Cemetery were paid for with donations. We put an article in the paper that said we needed to do something about these streets,” said Crosby. “The people of Wills Point will support a good project. I’m very proud of Wills Point. I love this little town and I would just like for us to have something to offer the younger kids and the younger families coming in here with younger kids. We have nothing. We have the little playground that’s really nice but we need something else.”

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