Swinging into summer at the VZC Library

The Van Zandt County Library is back in full swing for the summer. The new shelves have been installed and the air is electric with all the excitement.

The Summer Reading Program will kick off about all things electric.

Trinity Valley Electric Co-op, who has provided a grant to fund the Summer Reading programs, will present this very interesting program. Life without electricity is hard to imagine. The presenters will cover the wise and safe use of this power; and there will be some pretty nifty demonstrations!

Since Friday, June 9, is the first session of Summer Reading, it's pretty intimidating to see 80 excited children aged 3 to 12 trying to get in and find a seat! First, at 10 a.m. as you go in the door, librarians and volunteers will hand each child a ticket; if your child tends to lose things, you might hold on to it. This ticket is for door prizes handed out during the program. The president of the Friends of the Library, Suezette Branton, will welcome guests and introduce the program. After the program concludes, the door prize drawing takes place. Winners stay up front for pictures afterward. On the way out each child is given a small certificate. Hold on to this; it's proof of attendance. At the end of summer reading, every child who has five of seven certificates will have his name put in for the grand prize drawing. This year, there are two grand prizes, one for a girl and one for a boy. So don't panic, relax and enjoy.

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