District to begin rollout of new GPA system

The Wills Point ISD capped a months-long process at its May board meeting, finalizing changes to the way the district will calculate GPA and subsequently class rankings moving forward.

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Accountability Barbie McMath initially introduced the item to the public at the March board of trustees meeting, explaining that discussions with administrators at the high school, including the principal and counselors, had led to a series of proposed changes that included simple clarifications to policies already on the books as well as another change limiting the number of weighted classes future graduates could take.

McMath explained that any proposed changes would not affect current seniors (the WPHS Class of 2017) or current juniors.

“The recommendation would be that we limit the number of weighted courses. Now, that doesn't mean we limit the number of weighted courses a kid can take, but this is moving to a core-based weighted GPA. It means that the only classes that are eligible for weight are core.”

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