This Week in Wills Point History

Friday, March 24, 1961


James McFarland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grady McFarland of the Enterprise community, and a second year student in the Wills Point Future Farmer class was top money winner at the annual Future Farmers Livestock and Poultry Show Saturday. Hugh Hall, a first year student was second place winner. Hugh is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hall. (See newspaper for names of other winners and complete article and picture.)

Workers were busy this week making a canvass in the drive for funds to complete the work at the Wills Point Improvement Association swimming pool. The funds needed included $1,884.64 in cash to fulfill the contract for the construction of the pool (which is very near completion) and $4,243 for the additional improvements needed before the swimming pool can be put into proper operation. These improvements include walks, buildings for restrooms, ticket office and concessions, septic tanks and plumbing for restrooms. (See newspaper for complete article.)

Austin, March 20--A check for $4,552.80 for right of way payment was sent to Van Zandt County today by the Texas Highway Department. The sum is the state’s share of the cost of the land needed on U.S. Highway 80, from 1 mile west of Fruitvale to Wills Point Junction Street 64.

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