WPHS principal receives honor

Photo by David Kapitan

The International Student Exchange Program, represented by La Juan Dixon, presented Wills Point High School Principal Jeff Smith with a plaque recognizing the district’s “assistance and support.”

Wills Point High School Principal Jeff Smith received a special honor Feb. 16, receiving a plaque of appreciation from La Juan Dixon and the International Student Exchange Program designating the high school campus as a partnership school for its continued and enthusiastic support of exchange programs.

In presenting the award, Dixon, a Regional Manager of ISE, stated, “Our organization appreciates the school and community in cross-cultural and international knowledge, attitudes, as part of the present and a heritage for the broad range of human experience and celebrate the diversity of the human spirit.”

Dixon added, “We have seven international students attending Wills Point High School at this time. Our future goal is continuing to connect and encourage interaction to allow them to demonstrate an understanding of a set of cultural values and beliefs other than their own.”

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