Elephant fun at Storytime

Courtesy photos
Ms. Rhonda reads stories to children at Storytime at the VZC Library.

The theme for Storytime this week was elephants.  Ms. Rhonda read ‘Elmer’ by David McKee about a patchwork elephant that was laughed at by all the other elephants.  He cleverly colored himself with the juice of some berries so that he was grey like the other elephants.  When he joined the herd they were so serious it make him want to laugh so he lifted his trunk and shouted ‘Boo!’ which caused all the elephants to jump in surprise and begin to laugh.  It began to rain and Elmer’s patchwork started to show again.  The elephants decided that they must celebrate this day each year as the day of Elmer’s best joke.  All the elephants would decorate themselves in his honor and have an Elmer’s Day parade.

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