First graders given free tooth kits by masons

First graders at two local elementary schools were recently given free prevent tooth decay kits through the Fantastic Teeth Fan Club by members of Wills Point Masonic Lodge, led by Gary Huggins. The Masons assembled and delivered more than 200 dental hygiene kits to first graders at Edgewood Primary School and Wills Point Primary School.

The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club, sponsored by Masonic Home and School of Texas (MHS), strives to prevent suffering from toothaches, reduce missed school days due to dental problems, and cut costs for dental treatment.

Prevent tooth decay kits contain:  a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, healthy teeth sticker, two-minute timer (optimal brushing time), Tips for Healthy Teeth educational information for parents in both Spanish and English, and a summary of MHS services. Last year, Texas Masonic lodges partnered with MHS to distribute 125,738 Fantastic Teeth Fan Club dental kits and information to first graders in 1,447 schools across the state.

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