Bedtime’s an open book

Brandie Flanagan, volunteering at the Van Zandt County Library

Bedtime—As a child, bedtime is a thing to dread, even fight against. As a parent, it's something to look forward to; but it's usually elusive, since there are so many things to finish before bedtime. As an older person, it finds me, as I fall asleep in the chair trying to read.

During this week's Preschool Storytime, Miss Rhonda will tackle the subject of “Bedtime.”

Come to the library at 10 a.m. on Friday, Sep. 16, and learn about bedtime as its presented in some of the library books.

While you're there, look for volunteer Brandie Flanagan. She has been volunteering for two years, as she wanted something to fill her time when her daughter started school; and her love of reading led her to the library. She hasn't always been a library volunteer or a mom. Brandie worked for 10 years as a paralegal after studying legal administration. 

Usually Brandie works five hours a week. Normal jobs include filing books, helping at the circulation desk, filing new cards and stamping labels for computer users. 

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