This Week in Wills Point history...

Friday, Sept. 9, 1960

Weather Report: Following is the weather report for the week ending Sept. 8, as furnished by Jack Gibbard, co-operative observer of the National Bureau, Department of Agriculture: Temperature ranged from 100-101 for a high and 69-70 for a low from Sept. 2 to Sept. 8, partly cloudy, no precipitation.

Saturday Sept.10 will find qualified voters of Van Zandt County who own taxable property at the polls registering their desires on a proposed one million dollar bond election. The bond election is for the purpose of constructing new roads and improving existing roads in all areas of the county.

Wills Point Tigers will battle the Mabank Panthers tonight in their second encounter of the 1960 pigskin season. Their first home game will get underway at Tiger stadium at 8 p.m. Coach Edsel Nix in talking with the press Wednesday said the boys expect to play the Panthers a rougher game than they did last Friday night against Mineola.  Marlow who was hurt in pre-season scrimmage, is still out, Nix said, and one other injury may possibly hinder the Tigers chances. A sore shoulder kept Shepard from suiting up for practice Wednesday.

Superintendent R.M. Hooks of the Wills Point Independent School reported today that the 1960-61 term of school is now moving smoothly. Total enrollment for the elementary, junior high and high schools is 637 students. (See newspaper for breakdown of individual classes and teachers.)

Cartwright school began the 1960-61 year on Sept. 1 with a total enrollment of 247 students according to information received today from Principal S.A. Sparks. Members of the first grade class who are getting their first introduction to school work are Alfred Morgan, Melinda Lee Tave, Nancy Franciene Lister, Ronnie J. Curtis, Kenneth Lee Mitchell, Winnie Mae Hall, Vaniessa Dale Wright, Oscar Melvin Wright, Larry Wright, James William Cunigan, Herman Jones, Robert Hamilton, David Carlton Lyons, Vaughandul Lynn Armstead, Ethelene Dixon, Michael Leon Renea Moorehead and Francene Graham. (See newspaper for names of teachers.)

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