Troop 381 enjoys stay at Purtis Creek State Park

Members of Boy Scout Troop 381 left for a week long summer camp at Purtis Creek State Park June 12, undertaking a series of community service and team building projects.

Last month (June 12), Wills Point’s 103-year old Boy Scout Troop 381 left for a week long summer camp at Purtis Creek State Park. The 12 scouts and seven adult leaders arrived at the park early in the afternoon and Scout Camp began.

Troop 381 is currently being led by Samuel Roberts, a soon to be sophomore at WPHS. Samuel holds the troop position of Senior Patrol Leader of 381, and did an outstanding job at coordinating the troop’s duty roster for each day, overseeing the troop’s community service to the park while there, as well as taking personal responsibility of the general mood and focus of all the scouts.

For 381’s service projects while at Purtis Creek, 381 cleaned and maintained the restroom facilities daily at the swimming area, installed two new wood posts to help keep cars off the walking trail to campsite 60, cleared branches away from the lantern pole in campsite 63, as well as picked up any trash they saw during the week. Because of Samuel’s great leadership, all of the service projects were done without any adult supervision or direction, and also allowed the park staff to focus on other jobs that had been set aside.

During the week, the scouts received a crash course in leadership instruction, given by the troops three oldest Life Ranked scouts: Austin Durham, Sam Kent, and Jacob Moore. These three scouts are working on their respective Eagle projects, with the intention of completing the projects and earning the Eagle rank before the start of school in late August.

The leadership course involved all of the scouts, Konner Lamar, Karson Lamar, Jay Gibson, Nolan Lehman, Trebor Pettigrew, Kalel Pettigrew, Jacob Browder and Blake Miraldi taking urns leading the other scouts through a set of games and obstacle courses.

One of the games caused some frustration for the scouts was for six scouts to pick up a tennis ball with three ropes from a distance of about 10 feet, and place it in a cup. I took many tries but through great determination, and practice they managed to get that ball in the cup.

Purtis Creek has a great spectrum of Texas wildlife and where 381 camped, we got to observe some white tail deer and a few raccoons up close. To ensure the safety of the younger scouts, Sam Kent and Austin Durham chased off a raccoon that was rather interested in one of the scout tents, by dancing like wood ducks and grunting like cavemen. Although it was funny to watch, it was rather effective and we did not see the raccoon again.

Troop 381 also got to attend a class on the wildlife of the park given by a park ranger. The presentation captivated the scouts and adults by having both audio and visuals of the animals in the park, highlighting Purtis Creek’s biodiversity.

The scouts also enjoyed Purtis Creek’s swimming area, the water being rather cool in the near triple digit temperatures and also had the opportunity to canoe, kayak, and fish Purtis Creek Reservoir. Troop 381 ended summer camp on June 17. The group packed everything up and made sure that nothing was forgotten, and no trace left behind.

Michael Kent, Scoutmaster of Troop 381, stated, “Each and every scout behaved in the most positive way and was a shining example of polite and courteous Wills Point youth while at the park.”