Sleepover planned at VZC Library

A special event for pre-school Storytime is planned for late in July.  Remember last year’s stuffed animal sleepover?  The animals enjoyed it so much it will be repeated. 

On Thursday, July 28, 2016, the animals will arrive at the VZC Library, spend the night, and be picked up Friday, July 29, with breakfast snacks being served to their owners while they share adventures they had while staying overnight. Mark the calendar now!

The library is a “cool” place to visit this summer.  WiFi is available, computers are operational, and as always, lots of books offer a great place to spend some time. 

Even though it is sometimes quicker to find information on the computer than on the shelf, usually a book has more information.  

Many topics found in encyclopedias have not changed over the years.  Photography has certainly changed, but early history of the United States has not.  Transportation has changed, but we still “Remember the Alamo.”    Cookbooks are a fun read, even if you never make some of the recipes listed.  Chilton Manuals—yes, there are still some on the shelves—recall cars that were fun, and did not require a computer to repair. Texas, fact and myth, is concentrated in one section.  The western area is a source of entertainment for many.  The children’s area is always popular.  There is a much under-used young adult classification.  Favorites that ‘old folks’ enjoyed in the 1940s are alongside some of the newer authors that write differently.

“See ya’ at the library” might be your favorite goodbye this summer.