McNeill, Jr. captures two more championships

Glenn McNeill, Jr.

Glenn McNeill, Jr. won the Texas Senior Games free throw and around the world competition at San Antonio April 14.
The win marked his 13th first place wins in the free throw competitions. He cannot advance past state championship because there are no free throw or around the world contests in the national championships - only 3 on 3 teams and games.
Glenn was shooting with the 80-year-olds since he will be 80 this year. This year, he made 21 out of 25 free throws. The second place competitor made 20 out of 25 shots. Glenn was not up to par because of having bronchitis for two weeks, which has made him very weak.
In around the world, in which there is no set number of shots, Glenn made 20 points in one minute. His closest competitor made 19 in and third place was 18.
His "trainer" (Glenn’s wife Betsy) suggested that he eat an orange and a banana about an hour or two before the competition and also drink a lot of water. Glenn decided he'd try that to get more strength. It appears that strategy helped a bit since he was making only about half of his shots when he was practicing at the gym at home.
In preparation for the competition, Glenn goes to a steakhouse and eats steak the night before each competition.
Glenn used to go to the gym and shoot two or three times during the week before the competition and be ready to go. This year, because he was weak, he started two or three week early but was still not up to par when Senior Games time came. He went anyway.
When he's in perfect health, he usually makes all or very close to all of his shots. In his last nine wins, he made 210 our 215 shots.
His last 10 wins, he has hit 231 out of 240 shots, missing only 9 for the whole series of wins, an average of about 24 baskets per win.
Besides being a free-throw shooter, Glenn was in the past co-publisher with his wife, of the Wills Point Chronicle, Canton Herald, Van Zandt News, and Canton Guide to First Monday. He continued to work for the paper in ad sales before retiring in February of this year.