Work continues at the library

And the work goes on!  The Van Zandt County Library is still operating on limited space. 

Actual flooring work is in progress, after a lot of time was spent moving books, shelves and computers. 

The Buchanan room is now serving as a temporary mini library with books, computers, the copy machine, newspapers and some magazines.  Until the flooring is completed, this is the situation.   Regular library open hours will be maintained.

The Friends of the Library did not meet on their regular March day as many of them are involved in the hard work part of the renovation.

Did you notice that the grass that has been planted up to Library porch is greening up?  The dead bushes were removed by the City and grass squares were installed. 

Wi-Fi requires a password at the Library.  It is posted on the bulletin board on the porch.  Once you get it into your phone or lap-top, it does not have to be re-entered.

Facebook,, or the answering machine at 903-567-4276 may be able to give you the scheduling information that you need.  Try it.

Thanks to the City of Canton, Van Zandt County, and especially all of the volunteers that are making this renovation happen.  The completion may call for a celebration.