Everyone’s floored at the Library

903-567-4276 is the phone number at the Van Zandt County Library. 

A pesky answering machine will answer, and it will give you lots of information on the status of the flooring project.  

Please kick the cat instead of blaming the staff for the inconveniences.

A “mini-library” is set up in the Buchanan Room.  Computers, the copy machine, some books, the newspapers and some magazines, and a couple of comfortable chairs will be available at regular Library hours until the renovation is completed.

Friday Story time is different, so be sure to check before you plan on it.  

The Friends of the Library will not have a regular March meeting, as many members are involved in the actual physical work involved in this undertaking. 

Genealogy group will meet at another site in March.  

Information is on Facebook and the Library website, vanzandtlibrary.org.

Summer reading plans are being finalized.  Each year attendance increases. Trinity Valley Electric Co-operative is again underwriting this activity.

Great activity at your Library!

Look forward to the re-opening at full service, and appreciate the efforts that have been made to provide absolute basic service during this time.