Pedestrian safety can be enhanced with smart phone

It goes without saying that many people received smart phones as Christmas presents this year.  And of course it also goes without saying that smart phones are known for distracting drivers and pedestrians when they are driving or walking on our roadways and crossing intersections.  Many people either ignore the recommendations to wear bright reflective clothing when walking on streets and crossing intersections at night or simply find themselves in a situation where they were unable to plan ahead and wear appropriate safety enhanced clothing.  After all most people don’t leave the house thinking well my car will break down on the side of the road today so I better wear my reflective clothing.

Well thanks to a Dan Voreyer a former Fire Chief with 36 years of experience in Public Safety and Emergency Management involving numerous pedestrian accidents and Larr Smurthwaite, former Public Works Supervisor with 36 years’ experience in streets and roadways also serves as pedestrian safety advocates for safer streets. Together they have developed a free app to download to your smart phone that will allow your phone to serve as a safety device when you are walking along a street or crossing an intersection after dark.

The app is called PedSafe….Be Safe, Be Seen.  The free app provides an easy to use and safe tool for pedestrians of all languages, cultures and ages.  Utilize the app so you can be visible to drivers when you are crossing or walking near streets and roadways.  The app simply allows your phone to serve as flashing light as you walk which allows drivers to see you in advance which will hopefully allow time for them to avoid striking a pedestrian. 

Please visit the website at and download the free app today for everyone in your family or contact me at 903-567-4149 or by email at

Melisa Rhodes is a Texas A&M AgriLife Van Zandt County agent.