Resignations bring dramatic close to July meeting

Suzanne Blasingame and Dyde Manning III

Months of rumors swirling around the community regarding potential turnover in the upper reaches of the Wills Point ISD finally came to a head during the July 16 board of trustees meeting, with the announcement that Superintendent Suzanne Blasingame had tendered her resignation.

Moments after the news was announced, longtime trustee Dyde Manning III took the floor to voice his disappointment and frustration with the board’s actions. Manning offered his own resignation before abruptly walking out prior to the adjournment of the meeting.

Speculation about Blasingame’s position as the district’s superintendent had picked up in intensity in recent months despite the fact that trustees renewed her contract in January following an executive session item listed on the agenda as “Superintendent’s evaluation and contract.”

Just last month, a larger than usual summer crowd attended the June Wills Point ISD Board of Trustees meeting in part because another “superintendent’s evaluation” was listed as a discussion topic in executive session.

The July 16 board meeting was conducted no differently than most other summer board meetings, with Blasingame heading up a nearly hour long budget workshop before trustees shifted gears into regular monthly business.

Trustees eventually reached another executive session to discuss several personnel items, including an item listed as “consideration of superintendent duties and employment relationship.” 

Once back in open session, Board President C.W. Wilson said, “Mrs. Blasingame has submitted her resignation effective Aug. 31, 2015, and the board has accepted the resignation as presented and will release her from her contract on that date. The board of trustees will assign the responsibilities of superintendent to Damon Davis, the assistant superintendent of operations, who will fulfill these duties on a temporary basis until we can hire an interim superintendent. We’re thankful for Suzanne and her service and wish her well in her retirement. Can’t say enough.”

The acceptance of the resignation was then put up for a vote with trustee Dyde Manning III voting against accepting the resignation. In a separate vote, Manning also voted against assigning Davis superintendent duties until an interim superintendent can be put in place.


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