Most county cities continue upward momentum

Things continued to trend in a mostly positive direction for Van Zandt County cities this month, with the office of Texas State Comptroller Glenn Hegar releasing figures that indicate that four out of six local cities would be in line for larger sales tax revenues for July 2015 than those that were collected for the same period back in July 2014.

Hegar’s report shows that Canton, Edgewood, Grand Saline and Wills Point all continued their recent upward trend while Edom and Van either took or continued a downward trend by falling behind last year’s July collection totals.

The city of Grand Saline, which has been on a hot streak in 2015, posted the largest positive dollar change for any county city in July 2015 by collecting $45.465.82. That figure was up $13,736.09, or 43.29 percent, over the $31,729.73 collected back in July 2014.

Canton, also a consistent gainer during 2015, received a payment of $281,284.94 in the month of July. That total was up $12,399.56 over the $268,885.38 that was received during the same calendar month back in 2014.

Wills Point saw positive growth for the second consecutive month in July, collecting $84,362.14. That total was a modest $3,179.36 higher than the $81,182.78 received back in July 2014.

Edgewood was the final Van Zandt County city to show an upward trend of sales tax revenue collections, receiving $22,065.24 this month, or $1,789.32 more than was received back in July 2014.

The city of Edom, which last month broke its slump of decreasing sales tax revenue collections, fell back in the red in July by collecting $102.29 less in July 2015 that in July 2014.

The city of Van finished with both the biggest percentage drop of any city in the county, 15.47 percent, and biggest dollar drop, $9,950.61 for the month.

As a whole, county cities finished July 2015 ahead of last year’s monthly pace by $21,051.43.


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