Hoop-ti-do! McNeill continues to throw hoops around competition

For those that may not know, Glenn McNeill, Jr., former owner of Van Zandt Newspapers, is concealing a secret identity.

By day, McNeill often masquerades as an ad salesman dressed in a dress shirt and slacks as he travels through Wills Point.

Get McNeill on a basketball court with a ball in his hands, however, and a much different person complete with superpowers appears.

On April 16, McNeill easily took first place overall in both the Men’s Free Throw Competition and Men’s Around the World Competition at the 2015 Texas Senior Games in San Antonio.

McNeill knocked down 24 of 25 free throws this year, beating the next closest finisher by three shots. The win marked his ninth out of the past 10 years, and the 12th time he’s finished first in his age group.

McNeill collected 19 points in the around the world competition, beating the next closest competitor by five points.

“When Glenn came home from Utah in January with a very swollen left leg, he went to see his doctor, who discovered that he has a blood clot from his knee to his groin,” Glenn’s wife, Betsy said. “Glenn wasn't feeling well in Utah and he doesn't feel very well yet, but the doctor says he can continue to work. Glenn, however, took the permission to work to mean that he also could practice for the Senior Games free throw contest this year. About a month ago he began to go to his church regularly to use the gym to try to gain strength.”

Betsy continued, “At that time he couldn't get the ball anywhere near the basket. He then began to walk around the halls of the church about 20 minutes, which was estimated to be about a mile, some days carrying weights so that his arms would get stronger. That, along with his finding that putting more ‘leg’ into his shot, helped his arms to get the ball through the hoop. Most years, he practices only three or four times within the two weeks leading up to the senior games. He has shot free throws well for so many years that his brain appears to be programmed for that ‘swish’ shot and he doesn't need much practice. In the past, his ball wouldn't roll around the rim or pop off the backboard because Glenn could put the ball clean, through the net. Since he was so weak this year, as he practiced, he was happy to use the backboard and even to see the ball roll around the rim a bit if it finally rolled in. Yes, this year was different – but one thing was the same. 


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