Council reviews street project

By David Kapitan

Staff Writer

The Wills Point City Council met briefly Tuesday night, swearing in three elected council members – Kyle Anderson, Oscar Rogers and Lance LyBrand – as well as Mayor Mark Turner for new terms before shifting focus to work being done to fix drainage issues in the Juanita and Gordon Street areas.

Per a request made by Kyle Anderson made at the April meeting, council members took a closer look at repair work that had started under a previous city administration in the Juanita and Gordon Street neighborhoods.

Anderson noted that the original estimates for the work to be done was approximately $70,000, but due to a decision made at the time not to have the project engineered, and subsequent work that has been done, that total has jumped to $386,451.67 with other repair projects still needed.

Anderson stated, “There’s no way we can repair our other streets that need to be repaired when we have a bid of $70,000 and it jumps to $386,000. I want us all to be very vigilant in watching what goes on. I think we all got a good group of people working for the city and I think they’ll do their best…I understand the frustration of all of our citizens in Wills Point about the other roads. I want to let the citizens know why their roads aren’t getting fixed. When we get out of this addition, we will concentrate on other roads that are way past needing repair.”

Council members looked at other work still needed in the area to fix additional drainage issues facing at least two other homeowners in the area. Council members voted unanimously in favor of moving forward in obtaining bids the next project in the area.


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