Turner recounts GFA trip to India

Wills Point Mayor Mark Turner recently traveled to India with the Gospel for Asia organization.

Gospel for Asia relocated from the Carrollton area and has established its worldwide base of operation to just outside of the Wills Point area.

Turner and a group of about two dozen pastors spent two weeks in India, seeing the work being done by GFA that country.

At the request of the Chronicle, Turner recounted the time spent with GFA and their efforts overseas.

“To see the impact of what they are doing was a very humbling experience,” said Turner. “GFA truly puts faith into practice. I was blessed to be able to go to a girl’s home where orphans are taken off the streets, fed, taught classes and brought up in the Word of God. We also visited boy’s homes where little boys to teens resided. These young men were saved from a life of poverty on the streets and were being clothed and fed, taught and also brought up in the word of God. I saw teenage girls who were being trained as Sisters of Mercy and who dedicate their lives to helping others. We visited clinics that GFA has created to assist communities. These clinics ranged from smaller buildings to a very large clinic and surgery center.

Not only does GFA help provide homes to boys and girls who are orphans, but they also help offer a clinic to those who need medical attention.

“One of the communities we visited was located near a concentration of lepers,” said Turner. “GFA has a clinic in this area and along with Sisters of Mercy that provide wound care and dressing for this population. Additionally, one meal a day is prepared and fed for all people in need.”

According to Turner, a places called Bridges of Hope provide an environment where children can learn the word of God and study the Bible while offering lessons in life skills.

“Wonderful places called Bridges of Hope provide an environment where the poorest of poor children can come and be taught the Bible, eat a meal and get their schooling supplemented with teaching such as math and English. They provide sewing classes to the mothers of the children they feed and teach. The simple skill of sewing provides an economic life change to the mothers and their families.”


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