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TxDOT crews preparing for winter road conditions

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TxDOT crews are proactively preparing area roadways for potentially icy conditions. The pre- treatment of I-20 and other major roadways using brine began Jan. 1 and was expected to continue throughout the day.

Pre-treatment of major roadways allows TxDOT to get ahead of wintry weather conditions. The process is a fast-moving mobile operation with minimal impacts to traffic.

Drivers should allow a safe traveling distance between their vehicles and the mobile convoys distributing the pre-treatment materials.

Additional work will be conducted, if needed, in advance of the wintry conditions.

Tyler District maintenance crews are also preparing equipment and materials to treat other roadways as warranted.

Coordination efforts with local municipalities and law enforcement are also underway. “TXDOT works closely with the National Weather Service to have the best available information preparing for a winter weather storm. Frequent adjustments are made to the roadway plan in an effort to maximize our impacts to the travelers of Texas,” said a TxDOT spokesperson.

TxDOT personnel are monitoring forecasts and weather conditions to be prepared and to respond as needed to ensure roadways remain open and safe for travel when possible.

Road closures and other conditions are posted and updated as necessary at Get statewide road conditions by calling 800-452-9292.

Here are some safe driving tips should wintry conditions set in:

Avoid unnecessary travel if conditions warrant.

-Be extra cautious on bridges, overpasses, ramps, turns and shaded areas that usually freeze first.

-Reduce speed and allow extra time to reach destinations.

-Increase the following distance between you and other vehicles.

-If you start to slide, ease off the gas pedal or brakes and steer into the direction of skid.

-Stay back at least 200 feet from vehicles treating roadways and move over for emergency vehicles.

-Be patient. Your trip time could increase when adverse weather conditions exist.

-Remain in your vehicle. If stranded, please call 911 to alert emergency services.