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Tax levy figures discussed by commissioners court

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During a 30-minute regular session, Van Zandt County Judge Don Kirkpatrick released the 2021 Tax Levy figures as part of the Oct. 13 VZC Commissioners Court meeting. VZC Pct. 2 Commissioner Virgil Melton Jr. was not in attendance at the meeting as he was attending a training session.

Kirkpatrick shared that the VZC General Levy totaled $16,464,356.81 and the Special Road Tax Levy totaled $3,510,863.85 for a 2021 Tax Levy total of $19,975,220.66.

“These figures are based on the adopted tax rate,” said Kirkpatrick to the commissioners’ court. “We will send this information to the VZC Appraisal District.”

In other action during the Oct. 13 commissioners’ court meeting, the commissioners’ court approved an updated policy on the topic of Rules of Procedure, Conduct, and Decorum During Meetings of the VZC Commissioners Court at the request of the state.

A bond for VZC Assistant Auditor Nicole Nix was approved by the commissioners’ court.

Following a recommendation by VZC Auditor Sandy Hill, the commissioners’ court approved a contract between VZC and Grant Works Inc. of Austin regarding the American Rescue Plan’s (ARP) management services. The contract runs through 2026.

“I have forwarded this contract to our attorney (VZC District Attorney Tonda Curry) for her review,” Hill informed the commissioners’ court. “The contract discusses the Hatch Act which is a federal act. It does restrict our employees during working hours from wearing any clothing that promotes any kind of political campaign. Employees cannot serve as treasurers for a political campaign. If this act is violated, we could lose our federal money. We need to inform our employees about this.”

The financial statement for VZC Emergency Services District #2 (ESD) for the year ending Sept. 30, 2020, was approved by the commissioners’ court.

A discretionary exemption for an engineer to review preliminary subdivision plats was approved by the commissioners’ court.

In a related move, the commissioners’ court agreed to authorize their attorney to review the contract and authorize Kirkpatrick to sign the contract to retain engineer and consul tant Brian Abbott of Canton to review preliminary subdivision plats.

A contract between VZC Pct. 4 Road and Bridge and the Hickory Hills Homeowners Association was approved by the commissioners’ court following a recommendation by VZC Pct. 4 Commissioner Tim West.

Following a separate request by West, a check in the amount of $7,680.00 from the Hickory Hills Property Owners Improvement Association (P.O.I.A.) for culver replacement work in VZC Pct. 4 was accepted by the commissioners’ court.

A VZC Hazard Communication Policy was approved by the commissioners’ court following a recommendation from VZC Human Resource Director Dan Maucieri and VZC Human Resource Assis tant Chloe Edwards.

The commissioners’ court approved a series of fiscal year 2021 and fiscal year 2022 budget amendments following a request by Hill.

Monthly reports submitted by various offices and departments of VZC government were approved and entered into the minutes of the commissioners’ court as a matter of record.

The minutes of the Sept. 29 meeting were tabled by the commissioners’ court following a recommendation by VZC Clerk Susan Strickland.

No action was taken by the commissioners’ court following a closed executive session at the end of their Oct. 13 regular meeting.

The next regular meeting of the VZC Commissioners Court is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27, in the VZC Courthouse.